0100: Remembering Bud Goodall

Episode 99: Transhumanism and the NFL

093: Interview with Ian Bogost- Author of "How to do Things With Video Games"

091: Disaster Narratives Emergent/cies

084: Interview with Scott Poole- Author of "Monsters in America"

079: Interview with Lauren Berlant-Author of Cruel Optimism

078: Guns, Presence and Absence

072: Interview with Sophie Tamas - Author of "Life After Leaving: The Remains of Spousal Abuse"

055: Interview with Henry Giroux-Author of "Zombie Politics and Culture in an Age of Casino Capitalism"

048: Muhammad Ali's Fighting Words: The Paradox of Violence in Nonviolent Rhetoric

036: Interview with Bud Goodall-Author of Counter-Narrative

024: Male Serial Killers and Stigmatized Identities

019: Joyful Victimage and G.W. Bush's War on Terror

018: Lacan, Psychosis, Fight Club, Oh My!

016: Yoruba Hunters and the Sin of Narrative Performance

012: PETA, Identity, and the Animal/Human Divide

002: It Cuts Both Ways: Fight Club, Abject Masculinity, and Abject Hegemony