105- Interview with Andrew Parker: Author of "The Theorists Mother"

097: Interview with Genny Beemyn- Author of "The Lives of Transgender People"

096: Interview with Rachel Dubrofsky- Author of "The Surveillance of Women on Reality TV"

093: Interview with Ian Bogost- Author of "How to do Things With Video Games"

092: Interview with Amy Farrell - Author of "Fat Shame"

090: Interview with Robyn Weigman- Author of "Object Lessons"

087: Interview with Joan Scott- Author of "The Fantasy of Feminist History"

083: The Dialogic "I"

081: Analyzing the Autoethnographic Performance of Others

077: Lost and Found

074: Interview with Jack Halberstam - Author of "The Queer Art of Failure"

073- Gender, Media and Madness

072: Interview with Sophie Tamas - Author of "Life After Leaving: The Remains of Spousal Abuse"

066- Interview with Gayle Salamon - Author of "Assuming a Body"

062: Gay Masculinity and Sneakers

058: Interview with Tony Adams- Author of "Narrating the Closet: An Autoethnography of Same Sex Attraction"

056: Gender Based Claims to Asylum in the United States

031: Masculinity, Disability and Access-Ability-Ethnography as Alternative Practice in the Study of Disabled Politics

025: Speech, Woman and American Fiction

014: Brown Scripting and Rescriptings: A Critical Performance Ethnography of Latina Drag Queens