0108: Interview with Ann Cvetkovich

105- Interview with Andrew Parker: Author of "The Theorists Mother"

Episode 99: Transhumanism and the NFL

Episode 98: Interview with Peter Stearns- Author of "Satisfaction Not Guaranteed"

096: Interview with Rachel Dubrofsky- Author of "The Surveillance of Women on Reality TV"

095: Hyperembodiment and Physically Disabled Bodies

094: Interview with Foust and Lair- Authors of "The Political, Cultural and Economic Assault on Higher Education"

093: Interview with Ian Bogost- Author of "How to do Things With Video Games"

092: Interview with Amy Farrell - Author of "Fat Shame"

090: Interview with Robyn Weigman- Author of "Object Lessons"

089: Interview with Kelly Gates- Author of "Our Biometric Future"

088: Global Motherhood and Transnational Whiteness

086: Interview with Orin Starn- Author of "The Passion of Tiger Woods"

085: Roundtable on the Performative Possibilities of New Media

084: Interview with Scott Poole- Author of "Monsters in America"

083: The Dialogic "I"

082: Interview with Kathleen Fitzpatrick-Author of "Planned Obsolescence"

080: Visualizing Public Memory and Queer Space

079: Interview with Lauren Berlant-Author of Cruel Optimism

078: Guns, Presence and Absence