094: Interview with Foust and Lair- Authors of "The Political, Cultural and Economic Assault on Higher Education"

091: Disaster Narratives Emergent/cies

090: Interview with Robyn Weigman- Author of "Object Lessons"

087: Interview with Joan Scott- Author of "The Fantasy of Feminist History"

085: Roundtable on the Performative Possibilities of New Media

083: The Dialogic "I"

082: Interview with Kathleen Fitzpatrick-Author of "Planned Obsolescence"

081: Analyzing the Autoethnographic Performance of Others

076: Bullying in the Neoliberal University as Intra-active Process

071: Interview with Kenneth Rufo - Author of "From Circus to Fasces: The Disciplinary Politics of Citizen and Citizenship"

069: Roundtable on the Peer Review Process

067: Silence and Pedagogy

065: Interview with Bill Eadie on the Origins of Communication Studies

055: Interview with Henry Giroux-Author of "Zombie Politics and Culture in an Age of Casino Capitalism"

054: Roundtable on "Being Critical" forum in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

053: Roundtable on Forensics

052: Tribute to John T. Warren

050: Roundtable on Graduate Socialization

044: Interview with Lawrence Grossberg- Author of "Cultural Studies in the Future Tense"

041: Forum on Engaged Scholarship Part 2