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Gregory Mitchell

Episode 140 - Discussion/Review of Sharon Holland's The Erotic Life of Racism

Episode 137 - Interview with Marlon Bailey on Butch Queens Up in Pumps

Episode 136 - Melinda Cheateuvert Interview on Sex Workers Unite

Fall Season Preview!

Episode 135 - Double Feature: Interview w/ Liza Johnson, dir. of Hateship Loveship starring Kristin Wiig

Episode 135 - Under the Skin - Double Feature (Spoiler/Review)

Episode 134 - Lee Edelman & Lauren Berlant Discuss Sex, or the Unbearable

Episode 133 Interview with Erica Lorraine Williams (Sex Tourism in Bahia: Ambiguous Entanglements)

Episode 132 - Interview with Black and Pink

131 Interview with Sarah Schulman

Episode 130 - Interview with Margot Weiss

129: "Roundtable Discussion on Deciding To Apply to Graduate School with Laura Ephraim, Margaux Cowden, and Nicolette Manglos in Studio."

128: "E. Patrick Johnson Discusses Writing and Performing Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South: An Oral History."

127: Hanna Rosin Discusses 'The End of Men'

126: Jack Halberstam and Tey Meadow Join Us In Studio To Discuss the Queerness of Childhood Conference Organized by Anastasia Kayiatos and Anna Fishzon